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C-Level Spotlight Interview with Petar Jelača

Petar Jelača has 10+ years of leadership experience in services organizations and customer care and has a degree in philosophy from the University of Belgrade. He joined Clarivate in 2021 as Head of Customer Care in the EMEA Center of Excellence and have worked on setting up and scaling the Customer care organization in Belgrade. Currently he is a VP Customer care for the EMEA region

For HR World Magazine Petar gave his perspective on HR function and talked about his personal career moments.

  1. Name one business achievement you are proud of?

A team that I led before I came to Clarivate has been voted “Best customer service” in one of the most challenging industries in Europe during the pandemic. The team has also helped the business make the number 1 spot in the mentioned industry on a leading Consumer feedback platform.

  1. How to survive in a new business environment?

Given the absolutely global environment that Clarivate does business in, we are in the middle of a “Global war for talent” and the need to “adapt & overcome” is increasing. The spotlight is on Employee value proposition, across various business functions. “Why should we hire you?” has almost become “Why should you work for us?” in many areas. Many of the pre-pandemic ways of working are gone, most likely never to return. Coming up with scalable and agile working models that will offer employees the flexibility they need, wherever they may be in the world, is a priority. And in parallel – growing a culture that will get employees motivated to connect and engage with the business (and each other) within those working models. I believe technology may be one of the crucial enablers of this much-needed strategic, operational and cultural transformation. But, we don’t need to completely reinvent the wheel, as there are areas and communities that have achieved this and that we can learn from. Online games that have connected people of such different backgrounds across the globe may be one of them.

  1. The HR function in 2030 is …

HR is not a supporting function, but a true business partner, and this is nothing new. In years to come, this trusted partnership will only get stronger. The need to understand the nature of the now global workforce of the digital age (very soon of the AR age) and the ever-changing dynamics of the now global, virtual workplace, is on our doorstep. Becoming more seamless and effective in the ways companies and colleagues work together globally is a must. Following that is an inevitable need to empower the employees further and build cultures of trust and transparency. The need to adapt the company cultures and technology, the work processes, the administration, and even the legislation accordingly is immediate. It is not a brief journey but business functions will fail if they try to overcome this alone. It is HR that can play a pivotal role in this global transformation. 

  1. A message for HR directors in the region.

It is not news that our region is packed with energy, talent, and potential, not just in technical or any other “hard” skill, but also in communication and the ability to collaborate well with people coming from different countries and environments across the globe. I think it is the diversity of our cultural and historical heritage that has made it happen. Clarivate’s Center of Excellence in Belgrade has been at the heart of the company’s rapid and continuous growth and acquisitions over the past few years, and that is a testament to the quality and the potential of the local market. And the potential is not just in the big cities, so, going beyond the major centers, linking multiple locations and even individuals into an integrated connected workplace that can occasionally and quickly “huddle” for a cross-divisional collaboration in a single location when needed – that is where the focus might be. That, along with deepening the partnerships with schools, universities, and local governments could help us be at the forefront of the ongoing transformation and enhance our region further as the market companies want to be in.

  1. The most creative joint action with employees?

Improving the Customer care organization engaging every single colleague across Clarivate. That and orienteering in a natural environment, an action led by a colleague who is a master of the skill.

  1. Best conference you’ve been to?

Zendesk Showcase London, 2019.

  1. The last book you read?

Amin Maalouf – “In the Name of Identity: Violence and the Need to Belong” (original: Les Identités Meurtrières)

  1. A trend that is conquering the world?

In Customer care, it is creating a more seamless, effective, enjoyable, and personalized customer experience with the help of AI-powered self-learning technology. This adds value to increasing employee experience too, as it is enabling staff to step away from the repetitive work and focus on more complex and engaging matters.

Publication: HR World Magazine No. 8 (2022)

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