Creating Leaders: Best Strategies

How important is it to have leaders in the company and how to recognize them among employees?

In any type of organization, leaders play a pivotal role in providing direction and guidance. They set the course, inspire others, and foster a sense of purpose among members.

Determining the leaders of tomorrow is vital in today’s business world. This next-generation leader can be anyone in the company. It can be an experienced employee, an intern, a beginner or even a manager you meet daily, whose full potential may not have been realized. For the development of the company to be successful, there must be people with excellent leadership qualities. The right investment in these people will undoubtedly bear the company’s fruit in the future. 


A leader is someone who seeks to solve every problem by exploring new solutions. Thus, trust is the most important trait for such a person. All employees should feel comfortable talking about problems with this person.

You can see this trait in a future leader just by looking at how their colleagues feel around them. Is it easy for them to work with this person? How do other team members perceive them? If you see that other employees are willing to work with them or ask them for help, it is a good sign. 


Calmness is a desirable quality in the modern business world. In connection with the changes, it is always necessary to remain calm. Failure to do so can provoke a thoughtless decision, which can be costly.

To identify such behavior, pay particular attention to how individual employees respond to difficult situations – whether they are looking for answers to the question or panic and start looking for the culprits. If an employee goes straight to a brain attack, it is often an excellent sign.

Open mind

The business environment has been and will be quite dynamic. This means constant change and new methods. Effective leaders are always open to all opportunities in any scenario, allowing them to adapt as quickly as possible.

You can encourage this behavioral trait in your company culture. Most people prefer predictability and comfort and find it hard to adapt to changes. If you’ve noticed a person who welcomes change and does their best, then they are the winner.


How to Create the Best Leaders?  

In 2012, Macquarie Group Limited, a global investment banking and diversification company, reassessed its leadership development programs. It aimed to develop the best in its class worldwide leadership development experience. The new program will have a clear focus on identifying leaders quickly and further expanding their prospects. The Director of the Program preferred leaders with strong mental abilities as well as easy-to-learn and easy to apply tools for their day-to-day work. The success of the program was not to give participants a set of general answers, but instead to give them a number of questions they could ask themselves to solve their unique problems. They were not taught how to behave. Instead, they were taught how to think, the crown phrase of the program being – “Think. Lead. Act.” 

What can companies start with? 

  1. Take a fresh, firm look at the leadership strategy: many companies think it’s the best way to get started. The most important thing is to challenge the existing strategy: does it deliver effectiveness, results, and leadership growth?

  2. Build a data-based and analytical leadership program: the understanding and discoveries derived from those data will help identify the formula for successful leaders.

  3. Include coaching and career development in your leadership program. Leadership programs should be evaluated in terms of their ability to empower leaders and results..

  4. Expand and deepen leadership: Today’s leaders need both traditional capabilities and new skills. Rotation programs can be an effective way to identify and develop future leaders.

  5. Rethink investing in leadership: just spending more money on leadership is unlikely to be enough. For an excellent performance, leadership costs must be much more focused on what works. Leading companies spend more and more wisely, focusing on factual data and results.

Examples of companies that implement leadership programs

  1. MARS – programs for graduates of technical, natural sciences and logistics specialties. The program allows you to work in 3 positions in different departments of the company. The duration of each position is 1 year. Contains continuous progress monitoring and mentors from the company’s top management

  2. Nestle – programs in marketing, finance, logistics, internal processes, in Moscow and regional units. 6 months, fixed salary. It is important to speak English at the Intermediate level and above. The transition to each next phase is based on the results of the previous phase

  3. Unilever – a program of development of leadership competences in 6 areas: IT, HR, Marketing, Supply, Finance, Customer Service. It is important to have a clear motivation and knowledge of the basic functions (processes, goals, structure)


To make progress, companies have to ask difficult questions. Does the organization promote people who look and think like today’s leaders? How much time leaders spend on improving team effectiveness? Is the leadership development program focused on thorough training, up to the needs, skills and challenges of the future?

Answers to these questions will help guide the search for leaders and their development. Identifying leaders within a company is a win-win situation for everyone. 

So what are you waiting for? Start searching immediately for the very talents that will help take your company to a new level.


Author: Tatyana Ivanova

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