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How To Design Your Life: Life-Changing Process For Achieving Goals

Sometimes, we have an idea of what we want to accomplish, but because we’re unsure How we can do it, we hold ourselves back from pursuing our dreams.

Many people fall into the trap of focusing solely on the “how-to’s”. However, when we fixate on the how, our attention is directed towards what we are missing, creating a sense of lack. We might think “I need more money”, “I need a better job”, “I need a more fulfilling relationship”, etc., but every need implies a corresponding lack. 

Thus, if we need more money, we’re implying a lack of money, and this mindset of lack generates energy of lack, which can hinder our progress.

Our thoughts and emotions are energy, and life responds to our energy, not our efforts. So, if the core motivation behind the goal is to get out of the state of lack, we will emit an energy of lack, and it’s precisely what we will experience in our lives.

Therefore, instead of focusing on How to achieve our dreams and desires, we should prioritize Why we want them. Understanding our Why will help us find clarity of vision, boost motivation, make effective decisions, and shift from a mindset of lack to a mindset of abundance.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on achieving clarity of vision, because it serves as the foundation for transforming our goals into reality. 

Once we are clear on our vision, the rest will unfold naturally.

Below are three steps for developing clarity of vision:

1. Visioning Process

One effective technique for gaining clarity of vision is the Visioning Process I have been using for several years myself and with my clients, and it always produced incredible results.

This exercise should take you 30-40 min.

  1. Find a quiet place, get pen & paper
  2. Pick an area of your life you want to improve (business, finances, relationship, etc.)
  3. Ask yourself, “If anything was possible and I couldn’t fail, what would I love to achieve?”
  4. Write down whatever comes to you (I like to play 963HZ or 432HZ frequencies while writing as it helps me to get out of my head and connect to myself deeper. You can find these frequencies on YouTube.)
  5. If you don’t know what to write next, close your eyes, take a breath, and ask yourself, ”What else?” Keep writing until there is nothing left.
  6. Once finished writing, you will end up with your Vision list.

2. From Vision To Plan

Our vision can make us feel overwhelmed, and the bigger the vision, the bigger the overwhelm, which is why breaking it down into small bite-sized goals is the key.

The common problem with prioritizing goals is that most people sort their goals based on difficulty and importance. However, it is not always the best approach, because there are no emotions behind such goals, which is why we’ll delay taking actions, or distract ourselves with other things.

Our emotions drive our goals into motion and should be the significant factor behind any goal plan. 

So, instead of prioritizing your goals by importance and difficulty, prioritize them by passion and excitement (to the best of your abilities). Ask yourself, how would accomplishing this task make me feel? Start with a task that feels most exciting, because it will fuel your energy and motivation.

Engaging in good-feel activities releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine and endorphins, which boost our motivation and energy, and help us overcome challenges that may come up along the way.

3. Staying connected

The difference between people who succeed and those who do not is that those who do, stay connected to their vision regardless of external circumstances. They do not allow their reality to derail them from their vision, and that requires a strong mental diet.

Maintaining a strong mindset is crucial for staying resilient and focused on our goals, especially during challenging times. 

Here are some effective strategies to cultivate a stronger mindset that will help you stay connected to your vision:

  1. Take time each day to write about your vision, goals, and progress. Journaling helps clarify your thoughts, reinforce your commitment, and track your journey.
  2. Visualize yourself achieving success in vivid detail, engaging all your senses. Imagine how it would feel, look, sound, and even smell. This helps reinforce a positive mindset and keeps you motivated.
  3. Repeat positive affirmations daily to reinforce empowering beliefs and counteract negative self-talk. Affirmations can help reprogram your subconscious mind and boost confidence (you can find plenty of affirmations on YouTube)
  4. Become aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts drive your emotions, and emotions are the driving force behind the vision. When negative thoughts arise, acknowledge them without judgment and then consciously choose to focus on more empowering thoughts.

By following these steps consistently, you’ll not only strengthen your mindset but also align yourself with your vision and goals. This alignment will empower you to face obstacles with resilience and determination, ultimately accelerating your progress toward your desired outcomes.

Author: Lena Thompson, Future and Work of Human Design Consultant

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