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Unlocking the Potential of Purpose-Driven Goals: Unveiling Human Design

Many believe that doing the right things will lead to the desired results, but that’s not always the case. We’ve all been in situations where we invested our time, energy and effort, but the outcomes were not what we truly wanted. This is because, without heartfelt engagement and a strong sense of purpose, our efforts can become a struggle, leading to limited success. 

What does purpose actually mean?

Purpose is defined as the “reason for which something is done or created; the reason for its existence.” 

So, how can we ‘do’ a reason for existence? The simple answer is – we cannot. Our lives are about being and becoming.

While superficially our purpose might seem similar to others, if we dig deeper, we’ll discover that each of us is driven by unique motivators and values. This deeper purpose, the purpose beyond the purpose, is where our true calling resides.

Why is it crucial to connect with this deeper purpose? 

When our goals are infused with our core motivations, we cultivate resilience and confidence, enabling us to move forward regardless of external circumstances.

A pivotal step in harnessing the power of purpose-driven goals lies in understanding Human Design.

The Human Design system, a blend of Eastern and Western sciences (quantum physics, genetics, kabbalah, I Ching), provides us with a new & fresh perspective on some of the other profiling tools like MBTI, DISC, StrengthFinder and Enneagram. By revealing the mechanics of our optimal functioning and unveiling our latent potential, it has the potential to revolutionize how we live and work.

Human Design is a potent tool for unlocking our individual potential by offering insights into our genetic and energetic makeup. It illuminates how we are naturally predisposed to navigate the world, guiding us in managing our energy, making decisions, collaborating within teams, and optimizing our personal productivity.

Central to Human Design is the concept of Energy Types, which shows us how we expend and exchange energy with others, which enables us to master our energy and as such – change our lives.

Understanding our Energy Type facilitates a smoother, more harmonious existence, with each type (Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector, and Reflector) having distinct characteristics that shape their approach to setting and achieving goals aligned with their core values and motivators.

Let’s delve into the five Human Design Energy Types:

Generators & Manifesting Generators (70% of the population)

Generators are the builders, workers, doers and the life force of the planet, who thrive on being busy (especially Manifesting Generators). They are the only two Energy Types with consistent energy, and when engaged in activities they are passionate about, they can work non-stop with minimal rest.

However, Generators can sometimes jump too quickly into new projects or goals only to struggle later with boredom because the activity was based on external expectations instead of excitement, which is the key to their energy and efficiency.

When setting goals as a Generator, the sky’s the limit when working on projects they are genuinely passionate and excited about.

Advice for Generators is to avoid attaching their goals to others’ expectations and focus entirely on how the objectives make them feel. The more excitement they feel, the more energy they have, and the faster they will accomplish their goals. 

Manifestors (9% of the population)

Natural initiators, Manifestors, excel at kick-starting projects but may struggle to see them through to completion. They benefit from communicating their intentions to enlist support from others, especially Generators, who, with their powerful energy, can help them bring their visions to fruition.

Manifestors are multi-passionate, independent people who thrive with a sense of autonomy and do not take directions or instructions from others well. To avoid exhausting themselves, they are advised to pause before initiating the next activity and learn to prioritize rest.

When setting goals, Manifestors are advised to share their goals through speaking, posting, writing, etc. With their powerful energy and voice – thoughts, ideas, and desires are verbalized and brought into reality faster and smoother.

Projectors (20% of population)

Although Projectors do not have consistent energy, they excel at efficiency and innovation, so they can spend fewer hours working and still outperform others, 

Projectors are advised to prioritize quality instead of quantity and build in rest periods throughout the day, boosting their efficiency and focus and energizing them. 

Keeping goals small and manageable and focusing on consistency over quantity will enable them to achieve their goals easier and faster, rather than trying to keep up with other more energetic types, exhausting themselves in the process. 

Reflectors (1% of population)

Reflectors are the rarest type and are highly sensitive to their environment. 

Choosing an environment that feels nurturing and supportive is the key to successful goal achievement and overall fulfillment in a career and life.

When setting goals as a Reflector, it’s essential to take time and make sure their goals are not influenced by what others are doing.

A supportive environment with people they like and trust will energize them and stimulate their creative flow.

Integrating Human Design principles into our goal-setting endeavors enables us to leverage our energy more effectively:

  • Generators and Manifesting Generators: Embrace activities that ignite passion and excitement.
  • Manifestors: Initiate tasks and seek support from others.
  • Projectors: Prioritize quality and incorporate rest periods.
  • Reflectors: Take time to make decisions and cultivate a supportive environment

By integrating Human Design into our lives, we gain a greater clarity and awareness of how we operate, what works, and what does not work for us.

It then becomes easier to align our goals with our values, navigate through challenges with more grace, and find greater long-lasting fulfillment and success in life.


Lena Thompson, Future and Work of Human Design Consultant

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