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Ovde možete pronaći najbolje HR usluge za vas i vašu kompaniju. Individualni SHRC članovi ostvaruju popust od 5% na usluge vendora, dok korporativnih SHRC članovi ostvaruju popust od 10%.  

Certificate Employer Partner is the only regional certificate for HR excellence. 

Bringing together 200 companies from more than 10 markets and over 50 HR experts, Employer Partner is continuously raising the bar in the HR world. With an online platform for measuring the impact of excelling HR practices on organizational success, this certificate is a solution to building an excellent HR system that attracts and retains top talent, improves employer branding, and boosts business results. 

The Employer Partner certificate team has a thorough knowledge of the labor market, a presence in various business sectors, strong principles with high ethics, and has provided clients with extensive support for over 15 years. 

Free HR Screening + 10% discount on Employer Partner Certification


In a time when managing talent has become more difficult than ever, Employer Brand Academy offers unrivalled courses that will crown your knowledge and skills with a prestigious certificate.

First in the industry

Being the first in the industry, the Employer Brand Academy is a prestigious institution that has been helping employer brand professionals from around the world stay ahead of the talent game since 2009.

Unrivalled content

Employer Brand Academy’s well-structured curriculum focuses on equipping participants with the full range of EB management skills from sourcing to alumni management and measurement of after-effects.

One-to-one coaching

Based on one-to-one coaching and real-life tasks, Employer Brand Academy programme is delivered by seasoned instructors to offer you everything you need for managing an employer brand effectively.

Global network

Participants can choose from different courses on offer and enjoy the global EBA Hub which offers networking opportunities with other EB professionals from around the world.

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  • Ukoliko želite da se upišete na kurs, možete iskoristiti kupon za popust – upišite kod “hrworld” i ostvarite 10% popusta.


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