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Ovde možete pronaći najbolje HR usluge za vas i vašu kompaniju. Individualni SHRC članovi ostvaruju popust od 5% na usluge vendora, dok korporativnih SHRC članovi ostvaruju popust od 10%.  

Wireless Media Group (WMG) aims to lead in digital transformation and media regionally, fostering change, productivity, and connectivity.
Our slogan “LEADING TRANSFORMATION” embodies our mission. To achieve our vision as the leading digital media group, we’ll support brand growth and portfolio expansion in the region.
WMG has two divisions
: Digital Transformation & Services (Wireless Media, Origami Publishing, Method) and Media & Digital Products (Kurir, Mondo, Euractiv, Elle, National Geographic, Firefly, Klasik, Dox, Sasomange).
Sustainability and community responsibility are integral to our commitment, ensuring a better future for generations to come.

Project Factory, based in Belgrade, is a dynamic powerhouse of youthful talent and seasoned experts dedicated to crafting tailored software solutions. Our adept team specializes in developing cutting-edge software for streamlined business processes. At the heart of our offerings is ‘Profy,’ our bespoke software designed to meet the unique needs of each client. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions that elevate efficiency and drive success. Join us on the journey of transforming ideas into powerful, customized software solutions. Project Factory – where expertise meets ambition, and technology meets tailored excellence.

Youbelee IT – Vaš Partner za Napredan Softver
Youbelee je kreativni tim u svetu razvoja softvera, donosi kreativna rešenja koja
omogućavaju organizacijama i pojedincima da iskoriste pun potencijal savremene
tehnologije. Naš tim stručnjaka za IT posvećen je inovacijama i konstantnom unapređenju.
Youbelee Aplikacija:
Naš proizvod je Youbelee Aplikacija – rešenje za upravljanje ljudskim resursima. Osmišljena
tako da vam olakša upravljanje osobljem, poboljša produktivnost i unapredi svakodnevne
poslovne procese.
– Praćenje radnog vremena
– Praćenje odmora i odsustava
– Praćenje troškova
– Poslovna putovanja
– Rad od kuće
– Smene i smenski rad
– Praćenje radnih sesija
– HR Dokumenta
Youbelee je vaš partner za napredan softver i HR rešenja.

FledgeWorks je sveobuhvatno, lokalizovano, lako za korišćenje i povoljno HR rešenje. 

Koristeći FledgeWorks, možete prilagoditi HR funkcije i procese u kompanijama svih veličina.

FledgeWorks je HR rešenje koje omogućava digitalizaciju upravljanja ljudskim kapitalom – optimizaciju troškova, poboljšanje komunikacije između zaposlenih, transparentnost HR procesa i donošenje informisanih odluka. 

Zajedno sa iskusnim partnerima iz oblasti IT-ja, upravljanja ljudskim resursima i poslovnog konsaltinga, pomažemo vam da usmerite HR procese na ljude, umesto na administraciju.

  • 30 dana besplatnog korišćenja rešenja + intro radionica u trajanju od 2 sata

Employee satisfaction surveys are so boring that you normally hate your company if you manage to fill them out. We turned this process upside down and we ask the team to work together in a virtual workshop on simple questions in their language: why do you like to work here, what are the challenges? Engage your team, when engagement is your goal.

Tack TMI has been operating in the region since 2002, with direct presence in Belgrade, Podgorica, and Zagreb.

We deliver a unique blend of innovative, flexible, and reliable global solutions combined with local expertise. Our competitive edge is a reliable and proven ability to quickly and effectively respond to the constantly changing demands in the HR arena.

As a preferred partner in HR Consulting, Assessment and T&D services, we excel in providing:

  • Rich toolkit of quality, research-based HR solutions
  • Extensive subject matter expertise
  • World-class consultants, trainers, and facilitators
  • Unrivalled commitment to deliver tangible results

Unmatched passion driven by your aspirations

Recrooit okuplja zajednicu industrijskih profesionalaca koji vam mogu preporučiti kandidate za oglašene pozicije na platformi uz jednokratnu naknadu. 


Kroz, za sada, zajednicu od 3000 članova, Recrooit omogućava kompanijama da stupe u kontakt sa kvalifikovanim kandidatima koji nisu u aktivnoj potrazi za novim poslom, ili nisu prisutni na društvenim mrežama. 


Recrooit potpuno automatizuje proces regrutovanja putem preporuka od oglašavanja do isplate naknade članovima zajednice uz optimizaciju troškova. Kompanije su u mogućnosti da kroz platformu samostalno naprave nalog, oglase pozicije i upravljaju preporukama i prijavama.

30 days of free Basic package

SupportRoom is an online mental health support platform that delivers ongoing therapeutic support to employees. SupportRoom matches you with a therapist via any device, you will be able to communicate via text and voice notes. SupportRoom also offers an all-in-one employee support, engagement, and analytics platform to improve the well-being and performance of your workforce.

Discover a whole new way of listening to your employees with Heartcount

Heartcount is the first employee engagement tool that helps businesses identify what motivates employees with real-time data. It’s simple, quick & easy to use enabling you to cut straight to the point. You can forget about complex software that takes a lot of time to master & yearly surveys that provide outdated information. Instead, your team receives a weekly survey with only 3 questions that can be answered in a matter of seconds. The responses are stored on the company portal giving managers & HR teams insights into different aspects of employee engagement and satisfaction. With recognition only one click away, your employees will feel seen & heard by their managers and coworkers alike.

Emotional Intelligence is the fuel that runs people. People run companies; companies run economies. 

Soft skills training boosts productivity and retention by 12% and delivers a 250% return of investment within 8 months. 

Emotional intelligence can be improved by 25%, but current solutions for its development are expensive and not effective. 

In less than 10 minutes per day, Flourish will measure, improve and maintain employees’ Emotional Intelligence affordably via interactive, fully personalized exercises. 

Flourish is solution recommended by UNDP, currently used by Denver University, Erste Bank, Addiko Bank and many others.

A 10% discount on Flourish licenses in case of purchasing 50+ licenses.

Blue Colibri App provides a single, highly customizable platform for all your internal communication, administration, education and engagement challenges. Without the limitations of email newsletters and posters, reaching your entire workforce is easier than ever. Connect your desk and non-desk coworkers, manage administration, train, onboard, and engage through just one app. The team behind Blue Colibri has 15+ years of experience in HR, offering professional advice and lifetime support.

Our versatile and secure employee app complies with European Union GDPR regulations. The app can be comfortably accessed from various devices and platforms, including desktop, iOS, Android, and even Intranets, significantly increasing the reach of internal messages and information among employees across all worksites.



For new clients we offer 6 months of free access to our demo platform with a free 1 hour consultation. 

You can learn more about the 40 different features to make your HR processes easy and efficient. 

When you become our partner we can offer a 15% discount on the implementation fee.

You can request a meeting with our native speaker, Ana, at or you can book an appointment instantly via this link

Gecko HRM is a friendly, intuitive and modular HRM application of a new generation. It is powered by Salesforce Cloud Technology, the global leader in innovation. Gecko HRM has been developed by Agilcon, the regional leader in Salesforce implementation and is currently running in some of the biggest companies in south-east Europe.

In addition to storing employee records and data,  Gecko HRM is a social collaboration site with powerful reporting tools and analytics, user friendly intuitive interface, and ability to connect to other business applications in your company, thus enabling you to have a powerful HR system that can launch your organization ahead of your competition.

  • 20% off subscription fee for Gecko all-in-one product package su one-stop-shop platforma koja omogućava kompanijama da svojim zaposlenima pruže mogućnost da u datom budžetu, na mesečnom nivou, iz najšire moguće lepeze (preko 100 benefita) samostalno izaberu kombinaciju benefita koji njima najviše odgovara.

Ključne vrednosti koje vam platforma donosi:

  • Ušteda vremena i novca – platforma u potpunosti digitalizuje i automatizuje proces pružanja benefita, gde se kompanija klijent više ne bavi nabavkama, pregovorima, plaćanjima, logistikom i administracijom isporuke benefita sa svakim pružaocem posebno, već su svi oni već dostupni sa svojim uslugama i cenama koje su povoljnije od tržišnih.
  • Pravna i poreska sigurnost – za svaki od benefita dostupnih na platformi je unapred izračunata odgovarajuća poreska stopa, automatski prilagođena pojedinom zaposlenom, a sve u skladu sa važećim poreskim propisima u Republici Srbiji.  
  • One-stop-shop koncept – ukupna vrednost benefita će biti obračunata i plaćena samo kroz jedan račun, koji ne može da pređe maksimalni budžet unapred postavljen od strane klijenta.
  • Zadovoljniji i angažovaniji zaposleni – u celom procesu, ključni su zaposleni, koji na jednostavan način dobijaju mogućnost izbora i personalizacije. Fokus je stavljen na one kategorije benefita koje su se pokazale da imaju najpozitivniji uticaj na zaposlene, a to su: zdravlje, porodica, profesionalni razvoj i karijera i mobilnost.
  • 10% popusta na pretplatu za korišćenje platforme u periodu od 12 meseci

LQ već dugi niz godina donosi svesnost i transformaciju u život lidera i organizacija. Strateški su partneri velikog broja kompanija širom regiona u razvoju zaposlenih, organizacione kulture i menadžment sistema, istovremeno koristeći inovativne metode učenja u poslovnom okruženju.


Velika snaga leži i u svetskim alatima za razvoj: AoEC, Halo Feedback, Hogan assessment i Axonify – globalnim liderima u području coachinga, assessmenta i digitalnog učenja. LQ tim radi na promeni mindseta, gradi kulturu dijaloga i samorazvoja kroz treninge, coaching, mentoring i assessment.


– Razvoj lidera

– Razvoj timova

– Razvoj poslovnih veština

10% popusta na LQ usluge do kraja 2022.



– Otvoreni programi

– In-house programi

– Coaching treninzi

– Individualni coaching

– Assessment

– Platforma za e-učenje

Born and raised in Czechia over a decade ago, StorsenDigital is a people’s business with offices in Prague, Sarajevo, and Varna. Rabat, amongst others, provides talent and technology sourcing services.

The essence of our business links unique approaches to companies on the lookout for the best national and international talents.

Our services are intended for companies looking for individual contributors with different skillsets or those looking to set up remote teams for seamless service delivery.

StorsenDigital is a place where talent and technology magic happens.

  • 20% discount for talent acquisition services Storsen Digital
  • 20% discount over two months for leasing a team of 4 FTE via Storsen Digital

Razvojem vlastitih rešenja, cilj nam je da povećamo efikasnost i efektivnost radnih procesa naših klijenata, pritom im olakšavajući da ostvare svoj plan. U našem radu, vodimo se sloganom „Najbolji Zajedno“ – kako u ustanovljavanju povezanosti kontrole prostora i radnog vremena, tako i kada je reč o odnosima sa klijentima i partnerima. Kontrola pristupa i evidencija radnog vremena čine deo najbitnijih elemenata svake organizacije. Odnos sa klijentom zbog toga izgrađujemo na poverenju, kako bismo što bolje upoznali potrebe klijenata i izbegli eventualne poteškoće u implementaciji sistema.

  • Popust na pretplatu na cloud rešenje All Hours za evidenciju radnog vremena.
  • Popust na softver i hardver on-premise rešenja Time and Space za evidenciju radnog vremena i kontrolu pristupa.


t: +386 1 568 08 90

a: Pot k sejmišču 33, 1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče, Slovenija.

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