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Education of Employees in Virtual Reality

In a modern business environment, where, thanks to modern technologies, information is available to everyone, companies can compete on the most important resource: employees and talents, but also on their skills, competencies, knowledge and motivation. 

Nowadays, in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever, e-learning solutions are in high demand. 

All the efforts that a company takes towards training and development of their employees have to demonstrate the value to learners (employees) in order to keep them engaged and interested. 

Let’s see how we deal with training needs in our company.

In Nestlé, we offer a whole range of training solutions to our employees, from e-learning tools to face-to-face training and workshops.

Nestlé started its e-learning journey back in 2014 when an in-house LMS (Learning Management System) solution iLearn was implemented globally.

What did we recognize as benefits of our LMS solution?

  • Asynchronous learning: online courses available on-demand.
  • The account is assigned to all employees.
  • The onboarding process becomes much more efficient.
  • Training record allowing tracking of online as well as face-to-face trainings (internal or external).
  • People managers can easily track their team members’ progress and assign needed e-learnings.
  • Mandatory in-person trainings converted to online trainings: timesaving, structured and precise monitoring.
  • Reporting: recently upgraded by linking iLearn to Power BI.
  • Empowerment of the employer branding: high-quality training solutions and opportunities show that the company is well-equipped to bring new people in; consequently, it can make an impact on potential candidates’ interest in open vacancies.
  • Retention (cutting the turnover rate): A CEO was once asked, “What happens if we train our employees and they leave?” To which he replied, “What happens if we don’t and they stay?” 🙂
  • Reduction of learning costs.


Once iLearn LMS was implemented, we noticed that the average training hours per year per employee were increasing year by year:

Employees can access the iLearn platform anywhere, anytime

Our e-learning solution is available on a variety of devices: PC, laptop, smartphones, which leads to even greater flexibility for employees. The e-learning solution functionalities have been of particular importance since the COVID pandemic started and still.


In 2019 we made some major improvements of iLearn by implementing AI (Artificial Intelligence) in its search engine and various lists: suggestions, creating and sharing playlists with other colleagues (including external content), top picks for you and trending for your position.

In addition, new content was introduced in the format of functional academies – comprehensive learning solutions with learning paths that can be customized based on the position, level of experience, capabilities to be developed, etc.

This year we introduced a new tool: Training Plan Tool which is linked to the iLearn platform and it’s designed for collecting training needs for the upcoming year.

Employees are involved in the process from the very beginning. The idea is to choose learning solutions that are relevant for their development (expressed in employees’ Performance & Development Plan) and that are in line with the business needs.

Nestlé in society

Nestlé made its Human Rights training available to everyone in 2019. Other companies are now able to use the training module and adapt it to meet their own needs. This training is part of Nestlé’s commitment to promoting human rights in all its activities. 

Christian Frutiger, Global Head Public Affairs Nestlé S.A., said: “Businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights. By making our module publicly available we hope to inspire and help others, especially smaller organizations, who are facing similar challenges.”

To conclude, continuous learning as a concept in professional development enables employees to move ahead. By acquiring new skills and knowledge, employees gain competitive advantage and strength.

Technologies, that have been transforming corporate learning, are the powerful mean out of which we should take the maximum advantage. 

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